Western Australia Paintings 1912 -1914

Very few paintings from Miguel’s exhibitions in Western Australia have been located however the titles of some are known and listed here in the hope that some may one day be found.


It is known that a considerable number were left with relatives when he sailed for Europe in 1914. Others were purchased and helped fund his trip.

The sizes are not known but can be guessed from the newspaper illustration of the exhibition.


Fremantle Harbour,1911

Bazaar Terrace, 1911

The Sea, 1912

Nocturne, 1912

The Surf, 1913

Gulls, 1913

The Clay Pit, 1913

A Lady in Black ,1913

The End of the Day, 1913

Evening, Cottesloe, 1913

The Old Church, Albany, 1913

The Mermaids, 1913

A Summer’s Afternoon, 1913

The Paddlers, 1913

The Old School Mandurah, 1913

Marshlands, Mandurah, 1913

Early Morning, 1913

Barges, 1913

The Blue Feathers, 1913

Surprised, 1913

A Grey Day, 1913

The Fishing Smack, 1913

The Gnome’s Grove, Bayswater, date unknown

The Smugglers, 1913

The White Sail, date unknown



Miguel Mackinlay